Free Sessions

Enjoy a few free video sessions to get motivated, inspired and obtain evidence-based practical tips to move more, sit less and live happier!

Mini-Fit Break 1

An easy 5-minute movement break for any time throughout your day.

Mini-Fit Break 2

Use a basic resistance band for a quick and easy 5-minute movement break.

Mini-fit Break 3

Activate your brain and body with this short 3-minute mini-fit break. Put on your favorite music and enjoy!

Ready to move

A basic fitness routine to start getting stronger, more fit and more mobile! All you need is a chair and a resistance band of your choice.

Move to be fully alive

An introductory class on evidence-based techniques to successfully develop a lifestyle full of unstructured and structured motion.

My favorite core Exercise

This is a nice challenge to improve your core strength! Suggested for intermediate or advanced movers.