Dominique is one of those rare individuals that not only fully comprehends the many facets that comprise being fully alive, but she also knows how to get you there. Her work is always forward focused, science-based and injected with positivity. Be prepared for an exciting full-on renovation of self in body, mind and spirit that will bring you to new heights of “aliveness!”


She is a lifestyle changer. I struggled with diets my whole life; being successful at first but going back right where I started. Dominique suggested lifestyle change. Now, I am on a path of growth in holistic wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. If you would like to grow, she will guide you.


It is rare to meet people as fully and contagiously alive as Dominique. She has width, depth, playfulness and an amazing ability to meet you where you are. After listening she moves swiftly on to targeted action.


I am so thankful to Dominique that she works with me. This is the motivation that I have needed. The training is physically and emotionally varied; exactly what I needed. During every coaching it is evident that Dominique practices what she preaches. The training is really enjoyable and truly moves into habit.


I’ve known Dr Gummelt both professionally and personally for almost 10 years, and in all my time, I have found her to be one of the best colleagues in wellness and health that I’ve come across. 

What I love about her is that she is the epitome of Physical Activity Evangelist, something near and dear to my heart. 

She is the consummate health and wellness coach, and has empowered hundreds of people to improve their lives. 

I’ve spoken with her at various conferences and she’s one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers I have ever seen. I always learn something from her and incorporate what I learn in my own talks. 

Having also served on her dissertation committee, her work ethic and attention to detail is second to none...I have yet to meet someone who out as much work into a dissertation (and I’ve served on quite a few diss committees.)

It’s a pleasure and honor to call Dr Gummelt a colleague and personal friend. I highly recommend her for your health and wellness needs—personal, business, conferences, consulting, or teaching!


The wealth of her life and professional experience, mixed with her sharp understanding of human behavior and paired with high levels of personal integrity and healthy work ethics makes her a top choice re all kinds of topics in the area of fitness and wellness. Her love for life is contagious, her advice informed and research-based, and her refreshing authenticity makes it easy to connect and wanting to stay connected.


Dominique is full of energy and is so excited to help people reach their full potential! The information that she has provided me to continue on my wellness journey has helped me to continue becoming the best person I can be. There are things that I have shared with her that are very personal, but she always treats me with the utmost respect as a friend. I don't think I've ever met someone with as much care for people as she has and also how well organized she is.


An unbelievable support. No matter what the issues are. Time difference and distance are not an issue at all. Dominique is always there for you and provides such a great backing. This girl is the bomb! Thank you.


Dominique is positive, motivational, encouraging, and gets things done! Her contagious zeal for life is inspiring. I respect and appreciate her on both a personal and professional level. She's an amazing woman!


Dominique has amazing resources and inspiration on wellness and finding your sense of ALIVE! Love what she does!


Dominique understands health on a multi-dimensional level and communicates it with overflowing verve and enthusiasm.


Dominique is positive, intentional, professional, and "walks the talk".


 When I met Dominique Gummelt, I was in a depressive state. I had severe body image and self-esteem issues. I was just about ready to give up on the possibility of any transformative journey. However, I was blessed enough to be chosen for a transformation process that would change my life. Meeting Dominique for the first time was a very positive experience. I could already tell she meant business. When it came to going through the transformation process, she was set on going through this journey along with me. I felt a sense of care radiating through her. Dominique has dedicated her life to wellness because she cares; because she wants to make a change in people’s quality of life. Dominique wants people to live life to their fullest, and that is the biggest lesson I learned from her. Dominique is very organized and she went into sessions ready to put me to work, while also being there every step of the way to motivate me. She made me realize that wellness is not at all about aesthetics but about quality of life. It is about having the courage enough to make a change for a better life. Her resilience inspired and keeps inspiring me to grow into a better version of myself.

I would highly recommend Dominique as a wellness coach, personal trainer and even as an inspirational speaker. She has one of the greatest public speaking skills I have witnessed. She has this natural ability to motivate people into action. Dominique does not let status, race, ethnicity get in the way of any training. She see’s everyone as human beings, and will therefore treat you as an equal and with respect as she gives her all while coaching. She puts all of her energy into her work and clients, and will only provide her best self to those she works with.