Ask yourself truthfully: do I tend to be a 'mover' or am I typically rather 'stationary'? 

Each day, how many hours do you stay 'active' versus being 'sedentary'? 

Our bodies, in the multi-dimensional sense (body, mind & spirit), are fascinating creatures, with mechanisms that (are supposed to) work flawlessly every second we are alive and breathing. Every aspect of our inner being wants to and needs to stay in motion to be able to work. 

Teaching thousands of people over the last 15+ years, I have come to learn that most of us human beings are very unfamiliar and uneducated about ourselves - the human creature - and thus, we are incredibly careless about how we live in and with our bodies, minds and spirits. Isn't it peculiar that we truly know more about our electronic devices, cars and other peoples' drama than about how our own bodies actually function best? 

Choosing to join the MISSION to become FULLY ALIVE, will mean that there is a journey ahead, but it will be one that is absolutely worth it and once you get going on the path, you won't want to turn back!

The first lesson in the journey to become FULLY ALIVE is to understand that our human bodies, minds and spirits work BEST when we are in motion! This means that the more we move, the more effectively and efficiently our entire engine and mechanisms function. Interestingly, Newton's first law of motion truly says it brilliantly - namely, that objects that are at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion UNLESS an unbalanced force interferes. 

It is time NOW to 'interfere' with your tendency to remain stationary - physically, mentally and spiritually - and to start moving it! The key is to start small, simple and in a manageable fashion to implement small changes. The impact and results will be brilliant! You will start feeling more energized, happier, sleep better, think more clearly, be more productive, do things faster, focus better, become more fit and healthy. I could go on and on excitedly listing all the phenomenal benefits you will experience when you start "moving it" - but I suggest: see for yourself!

I want to challenge you to start implementing CHANGE #1in your journey to become FULLY ALIVE#moveit 

1. No matter your current activity level, find pathways to move just a little more than you already are. Add a 10-minute walk to your day. Stand instead of sitting. Take a 2-minute movement break every 30 minutes while sitting. Choose active hobbies and activities with your partner, families and friends. (Last night my girls and I just simply held our own 'dance party' in the living room instead of watching a movie = CHOICE!) 

2. Get a device to start counting your steps each day (free apps on your phone!) and see what you are actually accumulating versus what you think you might be doing. Once you know, aim to get 1,000 more steps each day until you get to a minimum of 10,000 on a regular basis (more is fine too!)

3. Evaluate your home and work environment and think about how you can re-create it to encourage movement versus sedentary tendencies! (e.g. convert your work station into a standing option, get some portable fitness equipment that is simply visible to remind you to use it - resistance balls, resistances bands, yoga mat etc.)

4. Turn on your favorite tune in the morning when you get up and dance to it while you get ready for the day (at least 5 - 10 minutes)! 

As soon as you get your body moving more, your mind and spirit will feel inspired to be more active as well and demand more challenges to keep moving (remember - that, which is in motion will stay in motion!). The key thing is to choose movements that you ENJOY; so, experiment and choose to take action and #moveit. You will start feeling more FULLY ALIVE and you will love it! 

With all my love - Dominique