Never change a winning game. Always change a losing game. – Chet Lyssy 

o   What kind of game are you playing? 

What? What are you talking about? I am not playing any games, you say.

Well, I beg to differ! Turns out, we are all playing a gameIt’s called life. You were picked to play the day you were born. And if you didn't know that - now you do!

Sadly, most human beings are playing a losing game. Many don’t know what it takes to play a winning game. If you are not intentional about living your life to the fullest potential, implementing important key strategies, YOU ARE LOSING!

Non-intentional living severely diminishes your quality of life in every aspect and the chances you will actually develop chronic diseases, or suffer indefinitely from a broken heart, or die prematurely, are significantly greater! Or maybe it will be all of the above. Either way, playing a losing game of life will be much less enjoyable, more damaging, much less satisfactory and it simply sucks. 

One of the most brilliant and influential people in my life has been my tennis coach in college: Chet Lyssy. He knew a lot about winning and losing. And he did not like to lose (and who really does?). He studied the game of tennis in detail and discovered many secrets to winning. He also actually predicted that the Bryan Brothers would be, one day, number one in the world. He was right about that, too. He also made winning players out of losing ones. He won many matches and championships as a coach, and even when he lost, he won - because he always played a winning game!

The lessons I learned from Chet Lyssy about playing a winning game, transferred over into every area of my life. I attribute much of my success to what he taught me. My professional training and education have only confirmed and strengthened these simple, yet profound, lessons.

Every single human being has the opportunity to play a winning game of life – namely living it to the fullest potential, which results in a life of love, joy, happiness, peace, compassion, connection and well-being! And remember, life is not a game, where you can opt to sit on the bench or simply be a ball boy or girl. You ARE on the court and will play, so I kindly suggest that you get on the winning side!

Ready? Set. Go. Here are the key 10 lessons to start playing a winning game:

1.    Show up ready and on time. (=Set your priorities. Manage your time well.)

2.    Listen. (=Surround yourself with wise people. Listen. Learn. Read. Observe.)

3.    Practice. (=Exercise. Work hard. Be active. Be disciplined. Be mindful. Pray. Reflect. Train. Eat well. Sleep enough. Drink water.)

4.    Keep it simple. (=Establish positive habits. Build a minimalistic, clutter-free life. Use words wisely. Less is more. Manage your stress effectively.)

5.    First serve in. (=Think before you speak or act. Strategize. Plan. Organize. Minimize errors. Don’t hit it if your toss was bad. Serve others.)

6.    Don’t ever take your eyes off the ball. (=Be focused. Concentrate. Be resilient. Be goal-oriented. Don’t get distracted.)

7.    Don’t hit the net. (=Be precise. Be wise. Don’t try to hit the ball through the net – it doesn’t work. Think ahead. Hit with purpose.)

8.    Hit the ball deep. (=Be passionate. Aim. Dream big. Put yourself in an advantageous position. Follow through.)

9.    Get balls back. (=Never give up. Hustle for every single ball. Have endurance and perseverance. Never be lazy. Keep going until the job is done).

10.    Keep your head up. (=Always play a fair game. Be kind. Be gracious with yourself and others. Look up. Embrace. Love. Laugh. Always shake hands. Always hope. Always smile. Use failure to grow and get better. Try again.) 

If you are playing a losing game right now and are not living your life to the fullest, it is time to change. Always change a losing game. And when you start playing a winning game by implementing these ten lessons, you can't lose and WILL always remain on the winning side – even when you lose a game or a match in the tournament of life!

With all my love – Dominique

P.S. I am dedicating this blog post to my coach Chet Lyssy, who has made me a better person, player and fighter. Who taught me how to live a winning life and always get balls back. I will never forget you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and many other peanuts and Frenchmen on this earth. You are a legend, my coach and mentor for life. Thank you!