About Dr. Dominique Gummelt

Dominique is an energetic and enthusiastic human being, passionately dedicated to inspiring and helping people to live life to their fullest potential!

She is an international speaker, fitness and wellness expert, coach, lecturer, author, filmmaker, photographer and musician. Dominique is also the creator and co-founder of ‘Rise Up Against Abuse’. She is a regular expert contributor to the American Council on Exercise.

Since 2001, she has obtained a wide variety of experiences in corporate, medical fitness, commercial and educational settings - training, coaching, teaching, inspiring and transforming peoples’ lives. Dominique has held many leadership positions, including being a teacher, supervisor, manager, committee chair, task force leader, conference coordinator, director and executive director.

She played a key role in the inaugural leadership team (2012-2013) of developing and successfully opening the state-of-the-art medically-based FHWC Health & Wellness Center. Currently, Dominique serves as the executive director for the new Andreasen Center for Wellness and as director for University Wellness.


Top 11 Personal Trainers to Watch in the U.S. [2011] | American Council on Exercise & Life Fitness

Community Leadership Award [2016] | U.S. President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker [2017} | The Jackie Film


Certified Personal Trainer [American Council on Exercise]

Certified Wellness Practitioner [National Wellness Institute]

EIM Specialist Level 1 [American College of Sports Medicine]

PhD in Health [University of Bath, UK]

MA in Teaching [California State University, Chico]

BA in Physical Education [California State University, Chico]

AA in Liberal Arts [Butte Community College, CA]


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Adventist Review

Harald Palladium 2015

Harald Palladium 2011


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“A Gamefully Designed intervention To Impact Motivation for Physical Activity and Physical Activity Levels”: Presentation | Poster

“Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Abuse”: Abstract